Lesbianism is still a taboo. The forbidden love goes to the modesty of a frequent reality, where love between women is a fact that most found.

It is assumed that they are good friends. Share clothes, sleep in the house of one another, always go to secrets. Others judge them inseparable and eternal friends, where the value of loyalty speaks louder.

But not always attends only a friendship. Sometimes the friendship turns into love and loyalty in desire.

Lesbianism has undergone some changes over time, although the changes are considered minimal. Before, it was unthinkable to see two women on the street to show their love and today, this scenario is already allowed even though people continue to turn to face in disgust signal.

Societal norms are not designed to think about these realities, hence it is difficult for people to accept it.

This form of love, lesbianism, has been given the name “fricatrice”, “Tribade” sodomy or female. Lately, more properly for about four centuries ago, it was decided to denomição “sin” and only very recently is that lesbianism expression began to be pronounced, although in hiding the social.

Later, the statement of lesbianism invaded the cinema, theater, advertising or television. Our Constitution enshrines the equality of all, though not explicit in terms of sexual choices.

There are even foundations of law, arriving to the limit to consider the involvement of same sex as a kind of mental illness. So what serves this invasion more try in the media if the reality is quite contrasting?

If God made men to love each other, as touts the Catholic religion, why can not two women were in love without society turn her back? All this is a question of mentality, education and social acceptance that modern times have not yet decidedly accept. Still, there are already consummated marriages between women, although this reality reaches a minority of international affairs.

In the world there are several associations fighting for a more balanced and better future for both lesbians as for gays.

Meetings, bookstores, hotels, conferences, parties, meeting points or night spots have become known for making its environment, a haven for the love between members of the same sex.

Now, one can already speak of homosexuality, but the ease with which one can expose the affection and love is almost nil.

If there used punishments such as cutting or burning any member of the body, for people who dare to commit “sins” of its kind currently punishments are psychological and social forum.

Causing different pains and sorrows, the implications of loving someone of the same sex have not been fully overcome by society, church and many who call themselves apologists of modern times.

For all operating normally have to pass the stage of respect for the acceptance of “turn the face” to look forward. The path to love can be anywhere, and opt for a relationship with someone of the same sex is an individual decision, the remaining people must accept and respect without criticism or comments less worthy.

This indeed, is real progress for our social condition and the evolution of mankind.