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The fascination with black women

I’ll tell you one thing: I’ve always been addicted to black women. An incredible turn-on. With five black sexy ebony girlfriends in the curriculum, I can declare myself an expert on black ebony girls.

And also because of that, I can take the liberty to write “black” (not African descent) properly and without any fear of being typecast as politically incorrect.

I’m sure you notice (and a lot) in black women. They are of a different beauty, more rounded, curvy, sexy.

They have a power to mesmerize in a unique way. And you see, I am not disregarding, let alone looking down, brunettes, blondes, redheads.

But black sexy ebony girls are just spectacular…

A friend of mine married a black woman describes their relationship as paradise. Beautiful in the extreme, his wife has an incredible smile. A true spectacle of female beauty.

One of my girlfriends had sensational hands. Thin, with long fingers one either, but her nails done well completed one of the most sensual poses that have memory: sitting, with the hip tilted to the right side, she crossed her legs with her body straight… Good times.

I still want to emphasize the hips of the black girls. The lust that goes one way and the other with a lightness (while also with some kind of force) that fascinates both the Brazilian, European, American, Asian… The African, lucky people, delights in it for millennia.

An ode to black hips. Round, hard, stiff. Often large enough to excite you the most. The curves that leave you with stiff neck and a stiff dick… Hips that make you look back.