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Body art can be any artistic movement trying to express some feeling, whether of anger, pain, joy, sadness, finally, feelings that can not be said only with words but with body expressiveness. A good example of this art are the tattoos.
This is one way of modifying the body widely known in the world. It is a permanent drawing done in human skin, is technically a subcutaneous obtained by introducing pigments for needles, a procedure which for many centuries was irreversible.
The motivation for the growers of this art is to be a living work of art and as much as temporal life.

Tattoos that last only two weeks

The brothers Tyler and Braden Handley could not choose a tattoo with which he wanted to commit. Thereafter they developed a technique using an ink from fruit which provides tattoos that last two weeks.

Thus was born the Inkbox company that gives its customers the opportunity to have a tattoo without having to commit or be afraid to regret.

As reports the site BuzzFeed, just put a kind of sticker, applying it with a damp cloth for ten minutes. Between 12 to 24 hours, the realistic tattoo, but temporary, will appear.

The same site also informs that the Inkbox sales revert to the Darien Initiative organization, which helps tribes in Panama, which are using the fruit base Genipa ink for years.

The Instagram is the best friend of the tattoo artist

Be phrases, faces, numbers or symbols, tattoos always have a meaning. Some say that the taste quickly becomes an addiction, and those who prove this thesis by the amount of records that have in the body.

Then there are those who do social networks authentic screens to expose the drawings marked on the body.

Tim Hendricks and Sarah Fabel are two of the most popular tattoo artists on Instagram.

The first has 200,000 followers, the second with 450,000.

Photographs of their tattoos and drawings that they make for clients are registered in the social network.

The publication on the Internet and the consequent sharing that goes beyond any borders is a way to “immortalize the art“.

Years from now, they will still be there. It’s not like on paper that disappears easily.