MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) are martial arts, which include fighting moves, standing and fighting techniques on the ground. The MMA is a form of fights in that athletes do not necessarily have to follow a specific style of fighting, so the name of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).

Mainly fighting techniques from taekwondo, boxing, krav maga, muay thai, karate, and many more…

Mixed martial arts (MMA) can be practiced as a contact sport on a regular basis or in tournaments, in which two competitors try to defeat each other.

The mixed martial arts use a wide range of permitted techniques such as strokes using the fists, feets, elbows, knees, and immobilization techniques such as projections and levers.

The Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. The method was born from the “Vale Tudo”, created around 1920 by Brazilian brothers Carlos and Hélio Gracie, through the “Gracie Challenge”, forerunner of MMA.

In Japan, in 1970, a number of MMA fights were organized by Antonio Inoki, which led to the formation of the first MMA organizations such as Shooto, in 1985, and the Pride Fighting Championship in 1997.

Such movements have led to the emergence of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) in 1993. The UFC was created by Rorion Gracie to disseminate and promote jiu-jitsu in the United States, with Royce Gracie as champion of three of the first four editions of UFC.

Thus the jiu-jitsu had planted the seed to spread the MMA. With the popularity of UFC, MMA has become a world-renowned and practiced sport by millions of fans.

UFC curiosities

Which entity controls the brand UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship)?

The entity responsible for UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) is the world’s sports association of Mixed Martial Arts, formed in January 2001 by Zuffa, LLC. The production of the UFC has a strong hold and a deep experience in management of live sporting events, television production and development of ancillary businesses. The UFC brand is well positioned for the future as an icon for the evolution of mixed martial arts in sports.


– This is a sport that grows a lot, as well as the businesses that surround it. There are many gyms that have opened to take advantage of the popularity of the sport. As a result, the quality varies greatly. Discover the teacher’s curriculum and seek to inform. You should invest your money on someone who deserves it. After all, your safety is in the hands of these people.

– At some point, you’ll get hurt. Perhaps cuts and bruises, a black eye or worse. Be prepared, and always protect yourself.

– Do not sign contracts. Academies that offer contracts do not have confidence that the teaching will keep its students happy. Some gyms will explain that the contract is for you not to feel discouraged, abandoning the practice prematurely. The fact is that not all fit into this type of activity. So who gives up is probably correct in doing so. And you can always go back when we see fit. Contracts serve only to give profits to the gym, no real benefits for students.

Despite the pure contact, and possible injuries involving MMA training, are not to everyone’s taste, when they are well made, they can be a great exercise, great fun, and can turn you into a professional if all goes well.

If you are interested and free to try, you will discover at least if it interests you or not. At most, it’s likely that you enjoy the experience.