Myths about anal sex unraveled

It is also something of lesbians and not just what gays do …

Did you know that there are gay men who do not even like anal sex? Probably not. But male homosexuality is much more than just anal penetration. And there are lesbians who are also fans of a good anal.

A recent US study found that only a third of gay men had anal sex the last time they had sex, before answering the survey. A fact that helps to clarify those that reduce gay sex to anal penetration.

Gay sex is not like just this kind of sex!

Actually a gay relationship implies much more than just anal sex and is far beyond the exclusive penetration.

This research done at George Mason University in the US helps to realize that even after having determined that mutual masturbation and oral sex are the main sexual preferences among gay participants.

Only 37% said they had butt sex in the last intercourse prior to the survey, a trend that was found to be more common in the age group between 18 and 24 years.

Believe that anal sex is a male homosexual practice is a wrong mind-set – the anal area has many nerve endings and can be a particularly challenging area for any men.

Moreover, there are gays who are not even fans of anal penetration, as there are women who do not like and they consider the act is essentially painful.

There are some positions for butt sex that help make the process more interesting.

But ultimately, it’s all a matter of anatomy that can realize reading “The whole truth about the clitoris.”

Another misconception about gay relationships is that there is always the active element and the passive, mimicking deep down, what happens to couples made up of men and women. This is not always present in a completely static way – that is, can and should be switching roles.

Anal lesbian sex

To these existing erroneous myths surrounding male homosexual world, we can add some misconceptions about lesbians, namely that there is no penetration between them.

And reverse this bias, there is also another of those who think that lesbians are only for lack of a true male (and a stick).

It’s all a matter of personal preference – do not need to be a social norm for everyone.

Thus, there are lesbians who like the penetration and others who prefer masturbation massages. And there are who like both, of the switch as they please.

And there are those who like butt sex – although not always in the stylized shape you see in mainstream pornography, including movies usually made for pleasure heterosexual.

There are even cases of women who take pleasure in having had anal sex only when done with other women – claiming the spontaneous side of it, without the pressures that many men have to manage to fulfill that desire.

In conclusion, it does not have much to do with what you do, but with whom you do … And that can make all the difference!