The word lesbian has its origin in the name of an island in ancient Greece, Lesbos, where he lived a poet called Sappho.

During the century. VI and VII BC Sappho as the main theme of his poems female gay love and lesbian hence the name for the woman who has relations with another woman.

Homosexuality permeated the history of mankind alternating roles. Sometimes, the practice was encouraged and sometimes not.

In ancient Greece, Plato has written extensively on the lesbian subject. Among the century. V and IV BC., bisexuality was considered a normal thing in the Greek world, abnormal it was who did not practice.

At other times the lesbian relationship was considered criminal. By the XIX century, the English authorities performed in public people identified as homosexuals.

In the literature, the lesbian theme was always a source of inspiration. The partnership of French poets Arthur Rimbaud and Verlaine Poul resulted in beautiful odes to the male body and gay love.

Lesbianism and lesbian love has always been a contentious issue for society.

Lesbians have suffered greatly in the courts of the Inquisition were generally white women from wealthy families who lived in the sexual indifference of their husbands, or rather, prejudice faced with the possibility of women experience some sexual pleasure.

Some psychologists believe that homosexuality “is a stage”, as if it were an attitude linked to teenage rebellion, lesbians believe that in many cases may be more a matter of being than to be, which in my opinion is the same, unless the person has tried and decided not again, never again!

There are nowadays nightclubs, restaurants, bars, bookstore, rental videos, hotels and even tourism agencies, all aimed at lesbian girls.

The lesbian community is growing so much that already clamoring for services that until the other day was unthinkable.

In ancient Rome there is a record of a man who killed his lesbian wife when he found her in bed with another.

An ancient text in Egypt refers to a spell of love made by a woman named Sarapias in order to seduce another woman – Herais.

In China, it was normal female couples where they are related as husband and wife, and the practice even had a distinguished name: dui shi.Além of primitive tribes of records where the ratio of women was common, if not unique.

According to some legends, the Hindu god Ganesha is the result of a lesbian relationship between two goddesses.

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