James Deen: actor accused of sexual assault

Ex-girlfriends and fellow pornographic actor publicly revealed alleged incidents of violence…

James Deen, 29, one of the most sought after actors of the porn film industry, is being charged with Stoya, Tori Lux and Ashley Fires, they too pornographic actresses of the sexually assaulting.

Despite having already publicly denied allegations that it is targeted, Deen, stage name Bryan Sevylla, is the target of strong criticism from both the film industry as specialized social networks. Femi- nist selftitled, looking so mainstream and unlike most of his colleagues, James Deen has been dubbed Tom Cruise porno.

Your mischievous boyish earned him a legion of fans, mostly women, and ten awards and a half. But behind the camera, Deen seems, according to the reports of the three women, want to recreate forcibly violent sex scenes that performs in his films.

On Twitter, Stoya, ex girlfriend Deen, published a post where he reveals an alleged episode of sexual violence. The actress, who starred opposite several times with James begins by mocking, writing: “That thing where you log in to the internet for a second and see people idolizing the guy who raped you as a feminist. That thing sucks.“.

Then Stoya published a short but very graphic, description of an alleged violation, “James Deen held me down and fucked me while I said no, stop, used my safeword. I just can’t nod and smile when people bring him up anymore.

Quickly created a wave of solidarity on Twitter, with many users (some of which the sex workers) to use the #standwithstoya and #solidaritywithstoya hashtags. Another porn actress, and also ex girlfriend Deen commented tweet Stoya, writing: “. You have my support I’m here for you.”

On Monday last, speaking to site Daily Beast, Joanna Angel reported that when he started working in the porn industry, was advised by another colleague, Sidney Leathers, to avoid working with Deen, “She told me that should avoid, he has difficulty perceiving their limits Basically he tries to hurt women” Angel said, adding:” I assumed that this means that it is dangerous.”

To these statements also joins the open letter of Tori Lux, which has also been pornographic actress, sent to the Daily Beast. “James Deen also assaulted me” is the title of the letter reporting an episode occurred after recording a movie in 2011. In the text, the former actress describes how the actor to have thrown to the ground, striking him punches to the head and in the face to, in the end, “force me to smell his balls” .Tori Lux further explains to readers why they never did complain to the authorities, “simply i was afraid.

James Deen used social networks to deny accusations that he is a target, “outrageous accusations against me on social networks were made I want to assure my friends, fans and colleagues that these allegations are false and defamatory I.. I respect women and I know and respect limits, both professionally and personally.

Also speaking to the Daily Beast, Ashley Fires explains the macabre reasons why Deen is the only actor who refuse to work. “He tried to rape me” she began for reporting the porn star. Ashley Fires account that crossed only once with Deen and that behaved like a “caveman“. The episode of the alleged violation happened in almost Kink studios.

I was taking a bath in the en-suite Community in the studio. I picked up the towel he comes up behind me, put on top of me and puts his erection in my ass” described Fires, still counting graphical detail on the alleged attempted rape. After this episode, Ashley Fires still recalls that Deen have asked not to tell the episode to others in the industry.