I don’t know what you do for a living, but if by chance you’ve been thinking of seeking new professional horizons, here are some tips on how to get along in an exciting and challenging career in the so-called adult entertainment, acting as a pornstar.

The lodestar, in this case, is the most famous pornstar in the world, Rocco Siffredi, known as the “Italian Stallion”, who has starred in more than 1,500 slutty movies in which he had sex with about four thousand women, out many others.

And before you discard my suggestion as a bad joke, it is worth remembering that the porn film industry bills, worldwide, about $10 billion a year, a figure second only to the erotic paraphernalia market, estimated at US $15 billion annually.

With so much money involved… well, be damned the bad taste, right?!

For your guidance, as a debutante in this career, it is worth highlighting some striking features of the Siffredri teacher’s curriculum, if you do not know, although you may even have seen the figure in action in a movie, without connecting the name to the person.

It all began when, at 16 years of age, our hero won a masturbation contest to ejaculate 11 times in six hours.!!!…

At least that’s what he says in his autobiography “I, Rocco”, published in 2006 in Italy. That’s when Rocco realized he had the physical to be a pornstar.

Another detail of is physique well corroborated such a perception: the 24 cm of his cock. (The cover of his autobiography print a ruler celebrating this wonder.)

Behold, therefore, a good tip for those who want to join the profession: start the masturbation to go accustoming your sexual organs to the rude tasks they will be required on the set, especially in the productions classified as “gonzo” or “hardcore” which are the most ardently sought by the public.

Okay, maybe you do not need to reach the mark of the 11 cum in six hours, especially if you’re no longer a boy. I believe that three or four ejaculations at that time is already a very good break.

As for 24 cm of dick, well, I can send you some of the thousands of spam ‘Increase your penis” that clutter every day my mailbox. (If any work, let me know immediately.)

Of course, the issue of age should be considered here, but is far from being a limiting factor for being a pornstar, rather than the actual Rocco imagined to turn 40 and decide to throw in the towel, becoming only producer and director of pornographic films.

At the time, in 2004, the Italian Stallion thought he was too old to star in fornication scenic and entered a devoted time to his production and his wife, the Hungarian Rosa Caracciolo (born Rózsa Tassi, she also a former pornstar), with whom he had two children.

The decision to end the porn acting career, however, has proved problematic for Rocco. He says in an interview for the AVN site that he felt extremely frustrated when going from front to back of the camera.

“The first year I stopped I must have fucked over a thousand whores on the street, so crazy that I stayed. (…) I filmed girls fucking, but could’nt fuck them. Not that I feel lack of pussy. My wife is beautiful. What I lacked was the variety, something I had before stopping”.

Five years later, Rocco return to action in a big way under the baton of John Stagliano, the American tycoon of porn movies and pornstar agent. “The only difference is that I need to give more time between fucks” he says.

Simple as that…

John Stagliano, director and producer who lifted Rocco Siffredi to the porn world stardom explained with high didactic sense, the primacy of anal sex in porn movies in an interview with British-American writer Martin Amis, who made a shocking report on this branch of seventh art for the British newspaper The Guardian.

Stagliano starts rocking, “pussies are bullshit.” Just like that…

“I want to see emotion… fear… excitement… eyes rolling in an authentic expression of surprise.” It’s that kind of reaction you you have to boot from the anal of the girls you’re going to star with.

For that, you have to be owned by the same degree of emotion and excitement. You have to have the hots for real, and not be satisfied only with a hard cock powered by the chemical industry, which, incidentally, may cause you embarrassment at the time of the money shot, as is usual in the genre. The viagra hard dick is there, but where’s the flying cum? Big problem…

You already see that great care is needed in the pornstar profession.

Go get ready. And good luck! (Oh: don’t forget to see the scene above! A nice pearl of porn from 1993)