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“I’m half Cantonese, Black, Cherokee Indian, Mongolian and Irish. I’m pretty much Blasian,” she says. “I think I look Filipino though.” …

Then again, so does being an open, confident, and energetic Cali girl! Honey Gold’s slender, graceful form offers a wealth of skin art that celebrates life and nature…

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Honey grew up around San Francisco and made her leap into her sexually adventurous career after realizing that the fast food industry and 9 to 5 wasn’t the sort of grind for her.

Beginning with erotic photography, the young beauty increasingly began posing in more provocative pictures, and by 2017, she was giving the most spectacular chocolate BJs, among other things, on film.

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When asked “When did you lose your virginity?” her answer was:

“When I was 19. Coming from a Christian background, you have that ‘don’t have sex before marriage’ thing. So I was waiting until marriage and when I left home, I got to the point where I got sick of waiting. I wasn’t meeting anyone, I wasn’t dating. In fact, I don’t understand the whole concept of dating, going out thing worked. Apparently, the way I saw it, dating is when you were talking to people, getting to know them and you could “date” multiple people. That’s apparently not how everything works. So not understanding any of that, I decided I just wanted to get fucked. I was thinking about banging the guy at my local Walgreen’s or one of my co-workers at Chick-Fil-A. It ended up being the co-worker. He’s my ex now so I got lucky. (laughs)”

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