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How Internet has revolutionized the porn business in France

To say that the explosion of the Web and access to the free content has changed the game in the porn industry in France in recent years.

Production companies of dozens who surfed the industry boom in the 90s, it is still only a handful of which Marc Dorcel Colmax or Blue One.

The bulk of revenues were primarily generated through the sales of cassettes and DVDs have since been deferred on the Web.

The turnover XXX movie in France stagnated for ten years around 100 million euros per year has doubled, especially with the phenomenon of VOD. Web development and the dozens of new actors have stepped into the breach. Very craft companies with small numbers of business that enough to maintain a small team.

Far from the “empire” Marc Dorcel and his 26 million in revenue last year. Recipe for success: diversification through the press, VOD, production, distribution of films particularly abroad…

Now mastodons of X are led by true businessmen. Grégory Dorcel, head of the group founded by his father, is a businessman who has nothing to do with the environment of the traditional porn.

It is an entirely different school, much more commercial.

Indeed, competition is keener than ever. Porn is for the most part consumed for free via the tubes which generate million seen.

Still, the X still has a future.

So to stand out, Colmax put on a quality offer with a variety of content while staying away from excesses of American films. It’s pretty trashy, it must that man be violent towards the girl. What works best here is the local film.

A taste for the “Made in France” and especially for amateur films. A rapidly growing segment.

By regularly producing new scenes, a site like Jacquie et Michel manages to have a loyal customer segment.

Instead of pay 10-20 bucks to view or download a whole movie or even subscribe to a site, many users prefer to pay only for a scene that will return them less.

On average, according to calculations by Pierre Cavalier, only 3-5% of Internet users who visit a porn site will put their hands in their pockets to offer paid content.

Hence the need to boost the hearing. Remains a tiny minority will still buy DVDs, become almost collectibles.

In all cases, free has large productions undermined. The big budget (150,000 euros) were divided by three. The salaries of French actresses are felt. Only a few manage to live filming X.

A majority turns to the escorting game to supplement their income. Another activity that has always been an open secret.

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