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“Nuru” is a Japanese word meaning “slippery” and this happens because of the Nuru oil that is used during the massage.

Consists of a technique that involves trust and security between masseur and client, where their bodies will be subjected to touches using all parts of the body, in it is used a special gel that is spread in the body.

This ebony massage is responsible for a stage of instant relaxation and with peaks of satisfaction never imagined by you.

The masseuse slides her own body into the client, causing an exciting sensation.

This massage has detoxifying function and relaxing properties and will leave you feeling incredible from head to toe.

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Lingam Massage

Lingam in Sanskrit means dick. It is a way of differentiating within tantra, its sacred meaning as source of force and creative energy.

The Lingam massage is not a sophisticated type of masturbation but a work that involves breathing massage into the internal musculature of the thigh, glutes and finally the penis.

Through specific massages the structure of the penis is activated, both peripheral and deep circulation, energy meridians, and reflexological points.

The Lingam massage offers a number of benefits not normally found in conventional massages where the penis is not touched.

The genital touch, considered intimate by many, acquires a non-sexual connotation in metamorphosis.

This massage is exceptional in solving situations such as premature ejaculation, impotence, difficulty reaching orgasm and low or absence of libido.

Incredible energy discharges can occur, revealing new orgasmic potentials that lead to multiple orgasms, with or without ejaculation, and extraordinary energy expansion.

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