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Things you always wanted to know about lesbian sex, but never dared to ask

By Jincey Lumpkin – Founder and Chief Sexy Officer in Juicy Pink Box

People often feel comfortable in asking me questions about lesbian sex. It happens everywhere – may be a party or when I’m walking in a taxi.

As someone who sees sex in positive light and is a porn entrepreneur, I find really important to have discussions on lesbian sex. Some lesbians they are tremendously irritated by questions like that, but I feel that having an open mind helps people outside the gay community to better understand us.

What do you two do, exactly?

“We fucked in ways as varied as the heterosexual couples. I would say that sex we do is better because there is the ever present problem of erection and how it will be fostered and cared for.

And women are capable of having multiple orgasms, so there is almost no recovery time between them, or there is no time. We do oral sex, anal sex, penetration and all that is in between.”

Is one of you “the man”?

“This question always strikes me as hilarious, because it reveals how gender roles are deeply ingrained. Sometimes there is more masculine women or LGBT people who like to exercise control, but not always.

It is a matter of personal preference, frankly. And not to say that one of us always to be who is “up” and one who is “underneath“. We exchanged roles frequently, sometimes in the middle of the same sex session.”

It’s easier because you two are women and instinctively know what the other likes?

“No no and no. As is the case of heterosexuals, we lesbians, take time to find out what we like. I had no idea what I was doing for at least one year after start sleeping with women.

It was only when I met my first girlfriend who really started to understand how it can be deeply wonderful sex with a woman.”

If you like women, why would you want to have sex with a girl who looks like a boy? Why not go out with a man simply?

“Because men are men. Being lesbian, I feel attraction by the parties and the woman’s head. Men do not have breasts (well, actually they do have, but they are not developed).

I have a hard time connecting to guys on an emotional level. I have male friends, but falling in love with a man would be difficult because I do not I relate to them the same way.

It does not happen that “click” between us. Another thing is that in the case of LGBT people, with a more masculine appearance, there is still a sense of difference compared to normal, and it feels right for many of us.”