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The LGBT culture is present all over the world, although more developed in Western countries. Through various expressions it is possible to portray the daily life and the LGBT life in its purest state.

The history of LGBT culture is not new as we all know, is a story with centuries since the days of ancient Greece to the present, suffering constant changes and additions, and like any story is constantly evolving.

Just check the following news about lesbian love throughout the world:

Young people seek ‘lesbian’ on the net

A new study by PornHub, the largest aggregator of pornographic content on the Internet reveals surprising data on the online consumption of such videos by young people between 18 and 34 years (representing 60% of content consumers for adults worldwide).

The report states that the term ‘lesbian’ is a long distance, as researched by these Internet users. Following are the words ‘young’, ‘stepmother’, ‘MILF’ (acronym used to describe a woman who is mother and with whom he enjoyed sexual relations), ‘splash’ and ‘mother’.

Among the categories, the ‘lesbian’ continues to occupy the top spot, followed by ‘bigger penis’,’ black ‘young’ and ‘MILF’. On the other hand, the American socialite Kim Kardashian is the personality most searched on content aggregator for adults.

The following are the porn stars Mia Khalifa and Lisa Ann.

Whitney Houston was blackmailed to hide a lesbian love

Singer Whitney Houston rose to fame surrounded by many personal dramas that somehow led him to an early death. Now, years after his death, another drama was revealed that the singer suffered when he was on the cusp of success.

According to a publication of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) of its archives, Whitney Houston was the victim of blackmail, through letters in which someone asked for money in exchange for not publishing details of his personal life, specifically a lesbian relationship.

According to the file of 128 pages, Houston paid up to $ 250,000 by the silence of this person. Among the letters confidential document signed by both parties, suggesting that the extortion was found effective.

According to “The New York Post” quoted by ABC of Spain, extortion episode occurred in 1992 when Whitney Houston premiere of his film The Bodyguard. By that means, the person blackmailing the singer was a lawyer in Chicago.

With these files comes in addition the publication of a new book, “Whitney & Bobbi Kristina: The deadly price of fame“, which recounts an episode of extortion that sought to reveal the lesbian relationship she had with her assistant, Robyn Crawford.

Lesbian love is no easy thing…