To fall in love with Chicago is needed only one minute in front of the Cloud Gate.

In reflection of the sculpture, in the midst of Millennium Park, every facet of the Windy City are revealed.

In contorted movements, the buildings dance every step toward sculpture artist Anish Kapoor. There, under that big silver bean (as the residents dubbed), there is no one can resist the beauty of Chicago.

The step is only the first for those arriving to the metropolis bathed by the great Lake Michigan.

We do, however, a warning: the ride is so incredible that you may repeat it many times along the way or even lifelong!

In Chicago – or Chi-Town, as the locals call it – life runs at a decelerated pace.

Despite being the third most populous city in the US – 2.7 million – Wind City can maintain the balance between the rush of a major urban center and the calm of an environment full of parks on the edge of a magnificent – and great – lake.

Located in the state of Illinois in the Midwest United States, Chicago surprises and conquest quickly visitors arriving there.

The city has the gift of turning, before long, the traveler in one location. It is these places that gives like to participate in the daily life and not only comply tourist destinations.

Incidentally, in Chicago the sights are frequented by all. It is easy to be charmed by the ingenuity of the “L”, where locals walk along the paths of the light rail running around the Loop, while in the car window the landscape is made up of dozens of innovative buildings.

At the same time, close to the disputed The Bean, beach chairs serve as chair outdoors for those who want to watch a classic movie on the big screen of the Jay Pritzker Pavilion.

Everywhere tourists follow, in total harmony, among the sites.

Beholder Chicago now so organized, safe (remembering that it has been dominated by gangsters such as Al Capone) and inviting (at least when it’s not winter) do not realize how many problems the city has ever faced. The largest, and responsible for the local urban transformation, was the great fire of 1871.

Almost nothing was left standing. The will to rebuild it was the impetus for technological innovations – such as the first skyscraper in history – who left legacy of a single architecture, to the point that it becomes a reference for professionals from around the world.

Chicago currently struggle to make it even more enjoyable for residents and visitors. There are big investments in redeveloped and remediation of the Chicago River, as well as ongoing projects for better use of green areas, highly valued in the city. The fact is that Chicago, unlike many large cities, improving every day.

If you are seeking a new destination to visit in the United States, strongly consider going to Wind City. You will find excellent shopping, restaurants for all tastes, various museums and live the city as few others allow. And if after reading the guide still remains some doubt whether or not you should visit the Chi-Town, watch the movie Bueller’s Day Off. Much more than a classic of cinema, it is a true ode to this wonderful city!