Chanel Staxxx (aka Chanel Staxx, Chanelle Staxxx) is no longer active in the world of porn. She was for only four years (2010-2014), but in her short career she gave a lot to her fans. It is our absolute duty to introduce you to this incredible black booty.

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She was famous for her numerous anal scenes, where the main role had her big bubble but. Her measurements are 34B-26-36, making her instantly favorite young African American porn star.

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Chanel was the real champion who was able to endure long sex scenes with her Mandingo co-stars.

She has filmed some really famous films for companies such as Evasive Angels, Black Ice, Pulse Distribution, Justin Slayer International and many more.

She stared in Big Butt All Stars: Chanel Staxx (2011) and Black Association (2012), both really popular among fans. In her four years long career, she was credited in thirteen films.

Her skin is as black as night, and it glistens in the camera lights when she gets all hot and sweaty bobbing on a dick.

For all the jungle-fever fanatics out there, Chanel is the high priestess of the Dark Wilderness of Whores.

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Having come from West Palm Beach, Florida, Chanel grew up used to wearing nothing but spaghetti-string bikinis and thongs, giving her ass plenty of sunshine, fresh air, and room to breathe.

Today, that ass gets plenty of attention on the daily, and it always earns Chanel those creamy money-shots she so badly needs.