8 secrets that strippers hide from you…

The world is full of people willing to talk about how a respected male should to treat their mother, grandmother, wife, daughter, or girlfriend – we already know. But talk about how a man should treat a stripper looks a bit more complicated, because then it takes experience, and nobody wants to admit that likes to take a quick getaway.

But wait, we do not want to get you more problems. On the contrary, let you deliver tray eight secrets revealed by a blogger and stripper from New York, Jacq The Stripper, recently published on the Playboy website. Now you will know how these women like to be treated and what they think about their work.

1) How to order out with an exotic dancer?
“Instead of asking her for coffee, dinner or ask for the phone number, ask what days she works,” advises Jacq. The dancer says many strippers have dated guys who met at the club at some point in life. If you are even the end of it and want to ensure that you will see her again, just go back where you know you will find it. To appear before the club becomes full, buy her a drink, take a tip to the stripper for your time instead of asking for a dance and see if the thing flows. “If that’s not a date, so do not know what it is,” she says. “If you are the king of fall in love with strippers, be prepared to donate their time … and money. Meetings cost money, so why should she deny one? She may start to like you.”

2) They like to be strippers?
“I almost became a stripper five years before I actually have the courage to take it. The social stigma prevented me from walking in strip clubs. But since then, over it. It took a while. Today my parents ask me, ‘How is there at the club?’.”
Jacq account that most strippers love being paid for being sexy and share it with others. “Personally, I will continue doing that work even when I feel happy,” she says. The vents dancer who many people say they have this profession because they are without money and have mouths to feed. And while she acknowledges that this is true, reveals that much of the time they just like getting naked, being flertadas and worshiped. “You have the right to criticize us?” He asked her. After all, who does not like to get naked, flirted and be loved?

3) What do they think of disrespectful guys?
“I like guys who come in with respect for us and for our customers.” The stripper admits dealing with unpleasant people every day and every night. “When you step in front of a building, down my head and pretend I’m not hearing anything. It is terrible! But when I’m in the club, I am much more intelligent and uncompromising. “Apparently, they do not swallow anything from anybody when they are on the desktop.

4) But do they respect you?
Jacq account that avoids using glitter or heavy scent because it understands and respects the guy goes back to his wife in the late evening. “I certainly do not qualify to offer any kind of advice the department ‘does not get in trouble at home’ … just give my best to keep my part of the agreement that is not texting at night and on weekends or leave my makeup smeared on her clothes during the dances.”

5) Strippers also feel arouse
According Jacq, the strippers generally do not speak to have fun during the dance, because it is “half frowned upon and crosses the barrier of what is considered ‘sexual contact’ and what is considered entertainment. ‘” However, here’s a secret: Jacq already enjoyed dancing.

6) Spending money to make money
In the words of Dolly Parton: “You’d be surprised how much it costs to look so cheap.” Beauty and fri appeal does not come free. For strippers, this involves tanning, fitness, hair removal, hair and, according Jacq, it is ironic to think that all they need is a pair of cheap plastic platforms and nothing else.

7) The weirdos are up
“I love the weird,” says Jacq. The dancer says that there is a strange within each of us and she likes to stimulate it. “It’s interesting, and the strip – no matter how good – can get repetitive. I love to talk about taboos, sexual fantasies and hear different stories. “Indeed, sharing secrets with someone can be liberating, “so why not share one with a beautiful woman naked and you probably will never see again?” She asks.

8) How do you prefer to be called?
Apparently, they do not care much about the name you give to them – stripper, exotic dancer or whatever. Rather, they like to see their creativity and have fun with the names used. Although Jacq prefer to be called a stripper, she confesses that the names are adopted more for the comfort of the audience than to her.