Big butts advantages

Many people criticize women who have big butts. But, according to scientists at the University of Oxford, having the buttocks of a considerable size prevents the development of diabetes.

But not only. Also according to scientists, big butts and a small waists are a sign of intelligence.

The female body accumulates fat in areas such as the breasts, abdomen and legs.

In addition, many fats are accumulated in the buttocks, something more positive than one might imagine.

According to scientists, the fat from the lower part of women’s bodies prevent the development of diabetes due to the amount and type of hormones.

These help metabolize sugars and other lipids, unlike the abdominal fat which secretes the hormones producing the opposite effect.

But … and there is always a but, eating more does not give big butts.

The benefits of big butts are determined by genetics.

That is, none of this is achieved by the power that can sway the size of a big butt. Other studies conducted by universities in California and Pittsburg, lead to believe that a topping tail is a sign that a woman can live longer and better.

According to these, women with big butts slim waists are smarter than the rest.

Conquering the perfect butt

Jen Selter, made famous after being elected owns the most beautiful bottom of Instagram says in his column in the NY Post that both for those who want to win a Durinho butt as for those who want to keep the result, the workout routine should be a priority. Otherwise, the glutes back to get flabby quickly.

The model, which focuses on a lot of workout to keep the body in day revealed what are the key secrets to having a Durinho and standing butt and mistakes that most beginners make.

To shape and tone the butt, just like any other muscle in the body, one must have discipline and work hard. Every effort you do in the gym is not worth anything if you do not give continuity because the muscle loses its definition before long.

“When you do any exercise, it is important contract your butt muscles and hold the movement for a few seconds. One of the most common mistakes that amateurs make is to not hold the move as long as necessary, “says Jen. So when do squats, do not rush to return to the starting position: stay one or two seconds with squat legs, and then return.

“Add weights whenever you can – dumbbells, ankle weights, etc. You will feel the muscle burn more and gain more definition. And women do not think that the load will leave his masculine body. this doesn `t happen.”

“The smaller your waist, most seem his ass. Include some moves to reduce waist circumference whenever possible. ”

“When you do squats, it is super important that your knees never go beyond the line of shoes. Always keep good posture. “