Hip-Hop emerged in the US in the 70s, the black suburbs of New York (as Bronx, Harlem, Brooklyn). These suburbs, faced all sorts of problems: poverty, violence, racism, traffic, infrastructure needs, education, etc.

Young people met in the street the only space for recreation, and often entered a gang system (groups) (some forming part of some of the gangs, or out of them, but always knowing the territory and the rules imposed by them), which They clashed violently in the struggle for territorial control.

In this context born different street art forms: music, dance, poetry, painting. Various DJ’s observed and participated in these street expressions, and began to organize parties in which these demonstrations are included.

In November 1973 was created the Zulu Nation, whose first headquarters was located in the neighborhood of the Bronx (New York). The Zulu Nation is an NGO that aims to end the various problems of young people from the suburbs, especially with the problem of violence. They began to organize “battles” (disputes) nonviolent peacemaker between gangs with a goal.

The battles consisted of an artistic competition duels between MC’s. Thus was born the hip-hop, composed of its four original elements:

1 DJ (disc jockey): The man who provides the beats for MC rhyme.
2 MC (master of ceremonies): master of ceremonies, the rapper
3 B boy: who dance “break dance” or is “b-boying”
4- Grafitti .: An artistic expression of gender Hip Hop which focuses on painting as a way to express positive messages.

However missing one very important thing will Zulu Nation so that your project was successful … we added a fifth element to the four existing (DJ, MC, B boy, grafitti): Knowledge – awareness.

He warned repeatedly of the importance of this fifth element for the survival and the success of this movement. Knowledge of the world of culture, good values ​​of society to form an identity and an ethnic consciousness and citizenship in people, especially for the poor african descent who had difficult access to education and barely knew their rights and duties as citizens.

Thus, the hip-hop has become an instrument of social change. How could they see the Hip Hop want first to have these objectives not just be money for some people who call themselves artists, but in reality they are not because some just want the money and not care about what really is the Hip Hop and for his philosophy of life…

So remember that Hip-Hop is primarily a lifestyle, which aims to better relationships between people, Express common their art and bring more self confidence in general for the person practicing and following the hip hop essentials.

Today unfortunately we see some groups or RAP singers who are not taking into account the real consiencia the Hip-Hop fold, many times they’ve been mixing things wrong with the hip-hop culture.
Some sing their songs making apology drugs and crime, something that goes against and is totally repudiated by the real Hip-Hop culture.

So it’s good to have consiencia the real Hip-hop tries to bring something positive people, like friendship, culture, art and above all be a lifestyle that came to improve the lives of people and not to take them astray as some mistakenly try to show today.

The Hip-Hop is not the solution to all the problems of society, but it sure is an option that came to add good values ​​such as respect for others, friendship, and culture that increasingly forgotten day in our society today .

Well this is a small summary of real hip-hop culture, we hope you enjoyed it and that this awareness that the hip-hop culture preaches can help them in the future.