Brazil is well known to have the best asses in the world, Ed Hunter thought of the wonderful idea to find the best in the country.

Featuring the big asses of Ana Paula, Darlene, Sumaya and Ingra Rosa. IF you like big round rumps. then you want to add this to your collection. Rosa is the highlight of this video! Very nice… scenes run a lil long but overall good video.

Ed Hunter and Third World Media are very proud to present this much anticipated release, Miss Big Ass Brazil #3.

Joyce Oliveira made sodomy her specialty! And that makes her a sexual icon in Brazil!
Everyone loves a girl with a hot sexy ass and Third World Media knows just where to tap that ass.

Brazil is well known for having the best bubble butts in the world and Ed Hunter thought it would be a great idea to find the very best that country had to offer. The first scene stars Sumaya, her body glistens in the sun and her most valuable asset soaks up the rays like a huge solar panel.

She fucks her stud real hard, and her ass jiggles so much it’ll cause sea sickness! Next up is Ana Paula, who’s thick, sexy figure is so alluring, she had to be the cover girl. Ana Paula starts by rubbing her pussy in the warm Brazilian sun which acts like a genie’s lamp and poof! Her stud appears – and with a horse dick!

One thing leads to another and soon he’s having his wish…his stiff cock up her amazing, perfect ass! WOW!! The third scene stars Darlene, a sexy vixen with an ass you can set your drink on while fucking.

Her ass is so big it has it’s own zip code and by the looks of things, she’s getting many deliveries in the rear! Next is Rosa who tears up a huge black cock with her weapon of ass destruction!

She has a big bottom and talk about mudflaps, this girl’s got ’em! Finally, Ingra stars in the last scene of this beautiful big butt buffet and if the darker the berry, the sweeter the juice – then this dark and lovely mama will make your lips pucker!

So pop in this movie, strap in and hang on, ’cause these bootylicious babes will buck you right off!

Sumaya in the first scene has got a freakingly gorgeous ass and thick legs.

These are very shapely thick girls who range from medium tan to dark coffee black. The DVD would have been much improved if the director had asked the girls to do the doggie style with the legs spread far apart and the waist bend way down and the ass flaring up and out to accentuate their great asses.

But not a single girl did this kind of pose while bending over. The plus side is the DVD quality is excellent, with great lighting and very high resolution and clarity.