The Latex Fetish

Is fetish or fashion?

From the beginning, if we consider all the fashion trends, it is obvious that they are born in some way to some particular group of expression, asserting its values and distinguishing them from the rest. The leather, at first, was no different.

The value of masculinity or power over sexual desires; the passion for motorcycles and their independence; these were, among others, the main drawbacks of society to reach the curb weight by naughty sexual practices and fetishism about leather clothing.

Besides the leather, latex clothing and PCV, it is another big requested for those who appreciate this kind of fetish. But, after all, who would say that the latex material intended for use raincoats and hospital environments, could have the same connotation?

The first records of this that would become one of the largest fetish fashions, latex, began to be printed in the English magazines of the 20s In the letters sections, many positive comments came to enter it.

The exact explanation for this kind of fetish is still very personal, but one of the response variants is the fact that this type of clothing is too tight, tighter than the others, defining best all body curves, becoming a second skin .

With the sharp and defined curves, women’s movements are more noticeable, being the minimum, showing more of her sensuality and power.

To the observer, the feeling to see your partner wearing a leather or latex clothing, fair, very fair to the body’s curves, would be to observe that naked body, just covered with a shiny substance like a painting.

To some people, who like most of Bondage, ie arrest of the technique (tie and be tied), the fact of wetsuit be extremely fair is a positive, squeezing the bodies and their private parts.

For others, the squeak of rubber, skim the body rubber, it is one of the reasons for this appreciation. Researchers also suggest that these fetishists tend to be more childish or masochistic, responding to painful childhood memories, but exciting, medical paraphernalia or set this material to other memory such as sheets and bottle nipples.

The clothes, it should be noted, is also closely linked to domination, or rather, the dominatrix, dominant girls who like to inflict pain to the partner, usually covered with leather and high heels.


Although beautiful, latex clothing should be used and mainly stored very carefully. Because it’s so fragile and delicate, it is a piece that usually rips easily.

To put, one of the commandments is smear the body oil or talc, so she will slide more easily and will have no problem tearing.

After use, always wash and store in a cool place and has no contact with the sun, after all, can get dry. Contact metal, clothes may end up pasting the object, which is also not good.

Every 15 days, the parts need to be lubricated, but with petroleum-based products, because they literally dissolve the material.

Day to day

Currently, due to wide acceptance of a general audience, several pieces have been produced with this type of material, literally for all kinds of tastes and fetishes. They are masks, shorts, skirts, pants and underwear, dresses and catsuits (the clothes covering the entire body).

However, these clothes are not only the fetishistic cabinets. Many designers have adapted the latex to walkways, renowned as Jean Paul Gaultier, Claude Montana and Gianni Versace, responsible for transforming these objects and clothing in desire of men and women.

Pop artists such as Madonna, Kate Perry, Lady Gaga and Dita Von Teese can also be considered responsible for spreading the idea that the leathers can also be useful, not only behind closed doors.